How to set IE printing to "As laid out on screen"

Linda Grenz grenzl at
Wed Oct 3 18:19:26 EDT 2001

Does anyone know how to set IE printing to default to "As laid out on screen"?  I have 4 stations which default to "Only the selected frame".  The other stations in the library default to "As laid out on screen" but I do not know why.   Thanks! Linda

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>>> "Thomas Dowling" <tdowling at> 08/24/01 04:50AM >>>
> Could you folks be more specific?  What do you want IE to do, and what
isn't it doing, specifically??  Can you give example URLs and behaviors
you seek in the browser?  Which bad behavior is "by design"?  How should
it behave?
> I'm not disagreeing, just want to know what the issues are...  As we
discussed recently Netscape had a Print Preview feature that vanished with
version 6.

One standing bug with the IE print preview is that it always displays
framesets as though the setting for File/Print/Options/Print Frames were
set to "As laid out on screen".  The probable expectation is that print
preview should detect if that's set to "Only the selected frame" or "All
frames individually" and adjust its display accordingly.  I can confirm
that this misbehavior continues in IE 6, at least through build 2479.

BTW, both IE and Netscape 6.1 now support the Print Selection function,
which is another good way to address the issue of printing less than a
whole document.

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