[WEB4LIB] Jack Valenti: Copyright and creativity

Raymond Wood raywood at magma.ca
Tue Mar 20 13:40:52 EST 2001

FYI, the story is authored by, and I quote:
"Jack Valenti is the Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of 

So what else would one expect from such an individual but a one-sided, 
right-wing interpretive viewpoint?  These people are part of the same crowd that 
are basically trying to obliterate fair use (that is my sense anyway).

The story also misuses the term "hacker" in the abysmally commonplace way that 
most of the mainstream press *still* does, i.e. characterizing hackers 
mistakenly as 'evil-doers'.  The correct colloquial terms for *malicious* 
computer criminals are 'cracker' or 'black-hat'.  Hackers, by contrast, are a 
time-honoured classs of ethical individuals who are unusually knowledgeable 
about, and interested in, computer technology -- that's it.  The mainstream 
press should certainly know better by now.

I think this fundamental error speaks volumes...

My $0.02,

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