[WEB4LIB] Question about Lowend solutions for managing urls.

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For a past project with an organized team of paid surfers, we implemented a database, first under Sirsi, later re-implemented under ASP and Access.  In both cases our surfers, who were paid to find sites, added or updated entries via a Web interface.  I think a customized database is a good idea if you have specific goals for these URLs and a formal protocol for cataloging.

There are several cookie-cutter Web services that might let you do what you want adequately:

Blink.com:  This is a tool to provide portability of bookmarks for a single user, but you could probably use it in a small group.  You add bookmarks to your Blink list using a pop-up or a sidebar.  A small group of people could share an ID, or there are ways to send URLs to a common member.  

Intranets.com: This provides lots more than URL sharing, but it does provide a links section.

Blogger.com: Here you'd share text in a "blog" and simply include the URLs.  Everything would be chronological, wouldn't give you database-style manipulations.

If one of these works, or if you do something else, how about posting your results?  It is a common enough problem.


On Mon, 25 June 2001, rstockman at afpnet.org wrote:

> As we are surfing the web doing research we regularly run across urls we
> would like to save, sort and catalog both for a variety of uses including
> sharing among colleagues and posting to the web.  Any tips,suggestions,
> ideas that would be freeware,shareware or at least low cost would be greatly
> appreciated.


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