[WEB4LIB] Re: Problematic Sites

Wed Jun 20 13:18:43 EDT 2001

This one I would understand.
But so far our problems have not related to being able to get TO a site -
but to performing certain functions AT the site - submitting a form etc.
Which leads me to believe the TRIGGER of the problem is in a script or
applet being run FROM the site in question trying to access our system in a
way that users do not have rights to.
Stiil brainstorming here - 

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Sometimes it actually is our fault, if we're having DNS or routing problems.
Over here at the moment, we're having routing problems that prevent me from
getting to Slashdot (that may be a good thing...) In the past, we have had
issues with accessing State of Minnesota tax forms--annoying for staff as
well as the public.

In some cases, it may be worthwhile to document problems with certain sites
and bring them to the attention of your network administrator. Even a simple
"I have no trouble getting to this site from home, but I can't access it
from work" can be a start. 

Your use policy would cover issues like this just as well, of course.

--Charles Gimon
  Web Coordinator
  Minneapolis Public Library

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> Paul,
> I find off and on, not always, that sites such as
> Yahoo just can't be reached the first attempt. Almost
> always hitting the refresh button solves the problem.
> (from IE 5.5/NT) I get the most complaints about
> Hotmail altho those complaints have dropped off
> recently so maybe things have changed there. Patrons
> do think that 'server can't be found' is our fault so
> I say the same things you do: it's not us, it's THEM. 
> Part of our use policy says:
> "The library cannot guarantee that the Internet will
> always be available for public use. Due to the complex
> nature of computer networks, it may be impossible to
> access certain Internet addresses for a variety of
> reasons."

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