[WEB4LIB] flash image on our home page

Darryl Friesen Darryl.Friesen at usask.ca
Mon Jun 18 11:48:36 EDT 2001

> We have a new web designer who is very accomplished in Flash and
> Macromedia products. He has created a new header fore our webpages.
> I would like some useful input on how it looks.  I don't want to
> start a debate about using flash images.  This one loads very quickly
> and can be skipped over by those using screen readers because of links
> buried in the page that are visible to screen readers because of alt
> text.  Currently the "movie" loops once but I have asked our designer
> to change it to 5 times. The URL for the test page is:
> http://www.morrisville.edu/library/testindex.htm

The flash thing appears to work fine (and fast).  Not sure what this buys
you that an animated GIF wouldn't (except maybe the lack of support for
machine that don't have the Flash plugin installed)

However, on my IE6 machine there's some red text ("Be sure to return all
library materials before you leave." plus something about HarpWeek) _behind_
the flash logo.  A problem with the CSS maybe?

Count me as another one that hates the window maximization script.  IE must
save the window size in the registry;  our OPACs open up IE full screen when
the machine boots.  We're using NT 4 workstation and manditory user profiles
(so changes to the window sizes aren't saved)

- Darryl

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