[WEB4LIB] Re: The beginning of the end for the Netscape Browser???

Dan Lester dan at riverofdata.com
Sat Jun 9 17:51:20 EDT 2001

Saturday, June 09, 2001, 12:34:28 PM, you wrote:
DP> Opera offers a free ad-supported version of their browser (a la Eudora) for
DP> students or simply the parsimonious amongst us. I am willing to pay for a 
DP> solid product. Hard to imagine cost scaring folks away when they routinely
DP> pay for sub-standard software or even operating systems.

I'm not interested in engaging in any browser, OS, or platform
warfare.  My point is simply that many organizations, whether profit
or nonprofit, want a commercial product that has support. One of the
things that will help Linux the most will be the continued
commercialization of it through RedHat and others.  No, this doesn't
mean that it shouldn't and won't continue to have full, free versions
available.  It does mean that support will continue to be a factor for
many folks.  And, the costs will be too.  As has been reported, there
would certainly be lower prices for site licenses and such, but in the
typical state supported higher education institution economics will
always be a major factor.  Even if Opera was only 5 bucks a copy for
5000 licenses at an institution, there will always be managers and
bean counters who'll remind you that 25 grand could buy another 20
computers, hire a clerk, etc, etc.  And if they don't see a VERY clear
and compelling reason to so invest the money, they sure won't do it.
It is unlikely that closer adherence to standards, more efficient use
of system resources, whatever, will convince them.

Note: I'm NOT opposed to Opera or anything else; I'm just reminding
those who don't know, or forget, about such things that they're always
there and can be MUCH tougher to get past than many imagine.  That
does NOT mean we shouldn't try, though most of us have learned to pick
our battles very carefully.



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