The beginning of the end for the Netscape Browser???

D. Popeck dspp at
Sat Jun 9 14:32:30 EDT 2001

>Well, since I'm currently supporting 200 plus machines, and if Opera
>is currently 30 bucks a pop (I've not checked lately), let me know
>when you have a way of convincing the powers that be that I should be
>putting Opera on all those machines to the tune of 6 grand.  And if
>you then consider some 3000 university machines....   Even if there
>were considerable reductions for site licenses, I just don't see it
>happening.  Plus, students aren't about to spend 30 bucks each for a
>browser when they have free choices, either.

Opera offers a free ad-supported version of their browser (a la Eudora) for 
students or simply the parsimonious amongst us. I am willing to pay for a 
solid product. Hard to imagine cost scaring folks away when they routinely pay 
for sub-standard software or even operating systems.

D. Popeck
Madison Library

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