[WEB4LIB] Windows millennium(?)

Masters, Gary E GEM at CDRH.FDA.GOV
Mon Oct 30 09:20:16 EST 2000

Well, I like it.  But the Windows Explorer does not work right and Microsoft
does not seem to care very much that it does not.

I really hope I am the only person with this problem.

But I suspect that others have it too.

Gary Masters

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> Forgive me for posting something a bit off-topic but this group is so
> knowledgeable and accomodating.  I am in the market for 2 new computers -
> one for my home and one for my husband's store.  He heard that windows ME
> was something to avoid - which doesn't bother me - I'll stick with windows
> 98 happily but it seems that all the new computers (we were looking at
> DELL) come with windows me and no option to select otherwise.  Is this
> really the case and is windows me really to be avoided?
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