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Zhang, Jingping zhangj at marshall.edu
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Look at our databases for both online full-text journals and subscription.


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From: Yuliya V Lef [mailto:ylef at usd.edu]
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Subject: [WEB4LIB] Full-Text/Online periodicals access database

I have created a very simple database to provide access to full-text
journals that we get through our subscription databases
(  However, I am looking into
expanding it to include stand alone electronic journals and provide a
number of additional features.  As a result, I would like to find as many
examples of such databases as possible.  If you have any suggestions, I
would be really crateful.
P.S. Most likely I will be using Cold Fusion and Oracle. Since these are
the tools that our Computing Services support.  Right now the database is
in MS Access.

Thank you so much,

       Yuliya Lef                              Phone: (605) 677-6615
      Web Resources Librarian                 Email: ylef at usd.edu
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