[WEB4LIB] IE 5.5 and printing problems?

stephanie spearman razl00 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 12 14:33:44 EDT 2000

We haven't had a bit of problem printing with IE 5.5 &
networked HP5's. What you had *sounds* like a printer
driver problem (corrupt or wrong) but I'm figuring you
thought of that. Strange that it worked with 5.0.

Stephanie Spearman
Electronic SErvices Librarian
NW Ga Regional Library System
Dalton, GA

--- Randy Souther <southerr at usfca.edu> wrote:
> Has anybody run into printing issues using IE 5.5? 
> I "upgraded" our
> public workstations from IE 5 to 5.5 and shortly
> thereafter began having
> an intermittant, but continual printing problem
> (networked HP printers):
> a print job would come out with one line of garbage
> characters on a
> blank page, and would continue printing page after
> page until the job
> was cancelled, or the paper ran out. The problem
> happened often enough
> to be a true headache for both patrons and staff,
> and seemed to be quite
> random as far as happening on a certain workstation,
> or with a certain
> web pages. I removed our security software for a day
> with no change.
> Finally after a couple of weeks of tinkering, I
> "downgraded" everything
> to IE 5, and we haven't had the problem since.
> --
> Randy Souther
> Reference Technology Librarian
> Gleeson Library | Geschke Learning Resource Center
> University of San Francisco
> Email:  southerr at usfca.edu
> Phone: (415) 422-5388

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