Web History...the first web server in the US

Melissa Henderson mhenders at nslsilus.org
Mon May 8 12:44:58 EDT 2000

Hello, all...

The current issue of First Monday (www.firstmonday.org) has an
interesting interview with a librarian who played a key role in the
launch of the first web server in the US...in fact, you could say that
her library had the very first "web 4 lib."

I encourage you to go to
http://www.firstmonday.org/issues/issue5_5/addis/index.html and learn
more about this librarian and her ground-breaking work!

Melissa Henderson

P.S.  Does anyone else feel a bit odd when writing the words "web
history"...it seems a bit like an oxymoron!

Melissa Henderson
NorthStarNet Coordinator
North Suburban Library System
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Wheeling, Illinois 60090
phone: 847-459-1300, ext. 7141
email: mhenders at nslsilus.org


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