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Luis Domingues lfd at libri.ucp.pt
Tue May 2 09:53:26 EDT 2000

I have some links in Portugal for government sites.
http://www.dgci.min-financas.pt/ here you can fill your tax forms. I think
it's also available in English.
www.infocid.pt this has lots of information (including company name search),
but I think it's only in Portuguese.


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  Hi All,

  I am looking for some examples of local governments (city or county) using
web technology to deliver information and services to their residents. While
good integrated sites that deliver static information (names of elected
officials, office hours, summer park programs, how to register to vote,
etc.) are nice, I am really looking for places that allow interactive use
such as getting your dog a license, paying traffic tickets, filing a petty
theft report, signing your kid up for little league, etc.

  Anybody got any contenders?



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