Only 1 IP

Masters, Gary E GEM at CDRH.FDA.GOV
Tue May 16 12:29:24 EDT 2000

I just moved to the CDRH library in FDA and find that the entire FDA has
only one IP address.  That makes it difficult or us to get an online service
and limit it to our center.  We have set up a web page that users can get to
only with user name, password and domain to give some security.  Only our
center users can get to that page to connect to our subscription that is
authenticated by IP address.  

However, some think their URL is so well known that this is not enough
protection.  We have asked for more limited URL's, perhaps a unique one, or
password protection on their end so we can post the password on our page
that is restricted.  However, they really do not want to offer services to a
part of an organization as it could limit income when it is based on the
number of users.  I can see that point.  

Either we buy for the entire FDA (which may be a good idea) or find some way
to protect services that are available to all who share our singular IP.  

Does anyone else have this problem or an idea about fixing it?



Gary E. Masters
Librarian (Systems)
(301) 827-6893 

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