Foreign Language Support in BBEdit?

P. F. (Pat) Anderson pfa at
Mon May 1 10:05:50 EDT 2000

Hi, Web4libbers,

I'm hoping this is a quick question. We are converting a historic German
text to a web version. The person doing the transcription and translation
is working on a Mac. The unit handling the web site has recommended that
she use TextPad for the markup. TextPad is Windows only. We've been
fiddling with BBEdit, but it doesn't seem to have the same level of
support for foreign languages as TextPad. We are looking for an easy way
to manage the German language characters in BBEdit *OR* a program like
TextPad for the Mac. Does anyone know of some extensions for BBEdit to
handle the foreign language characters, or a way to insert ASCII codes
and have them display as the foreign language character?

THANKS in advance!

Pat Anderson

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