[WEB4LIB] eBook and Stephen King's new novel

Maureen Shepard mshepard at saclaw.lib.ca.us
Wed Mar 15 17:01:06 EST 2000

Glassbooks is planning a "Library Server" for ebooks. Their server will "lend" books to your patrons. Check out http://www.glassbook.com/products/libraryserver.htm.

Maureen Shepard
Systems Librarian
Sacramento County Law Library
MShepard at saclaw.lib.ca.us

>>> "S. Michael Kim" <mildbull at iname.com> 03/10 6:36 PM >>>

I was told that Stephen King's new novel is scheduled to be released
exclusively on eBook format.

I am very curious about the consequences.
What if patrons wanted the item? There might be no alternative format of 
the 'work' other
than eBook format....at least for a while. I am wondering if there is any
library which manages eBook-based collection serving to patrons. If that's
the case, I would like to know how the library handle the collection.
I think there should be acquisition, cataloging, and circulation aspects
Also, there will be concerns regarding choice of medium, such as PC format,
proprietary eBook device format,etc. It would be nice to have variety of 
from different areas.


S. Michael Kim
Serials Cataloger
Edmon Low Library
Oklahoma State University
mildbull at iname.com 
"I'm curious to see what sort of response there is and whether or not this
is the future." -- Stephen King

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