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Jim Barrett jbarrett at acad.suffolk.edu
Thu Sep 16 14:17:06 EDT 1999

Two quick solutions come to mind. 

I. Save the settings you want to use and then close and save WORD. These
settings are all saved in Word's template "normal.dot," which is located
in the following directory:
	C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\

  Make this file read only and then the settings cannot be permanently
  changed; though WORD will prompt the user to save the changes with a
  different name.

II. Set up a batch file to launch WORD and as part of that have it copy a
clean copy of "normal.dot" each session.


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On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Paul Deane wrote:

> Hope this not off-topic.  We have work stations that offer various programs 
> in addition to Internet access.  For the Internet I have figured ways to 
> reset the preferences every time someone logs out of Netscape.  I need to 
> do the same thing for Microsoft Word.  People tend to change margins, 
> toolbars available, etc.  It would be nice to have them reset to the 
> initial settings when the program is closed.
> Has anyone else dealt with this problem?
> Paul Deane
> pdeane at rla.lib.il.us
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> Round Lake Area Library
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