e-forms: off site cgi service providers

Cameron Metcalf CMETCALF at ogh.on.ca
Mon Oct 25 13:01:10 EDT 1999

Hello everybody,

Our library depends on off site cgi script services to handle our
electronic forms (specifically for interlibrary loan requests).

For about a yr, we used coder.com.
They closed down their services this past June.

So we re-configured our form to be handled by formmailer.com,
but just found out today that formmailer.com is getting kicked off of their
hosting server because of the amount of traffic they bring in.

Today I'm looking for another off-site, free cgi script form-handling service
Is anyone using a reliable cgi scripting service right now for electronic forms?
Would you please divulge your resources?
Much appreciated.  Have a good wk.

Cameron Metcalf
The Ottawa Hospital -  Library Services

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