[WEB4LIB] RE: Indexing a Local Newspaper Index on the Web

hodgsa at cma.ca hodgsa at cma.ca
Wed Oct 20 07:28:34 EDT 1999

I know what I'm stating is pretty obvious (to librarians!) but I would really
consider what unique qualities your newspaper has, how you want people to find
them and how the indexers meet those needs.

We presently use MS Indexer as a site engine which searches several of our
publications and we find it inadequate for our needs. Not only does it not
provide field specific searching (as stated by Mark Ellis), it does not allow
the ability to truly refine a search nor adequately display ranking
determination. I am currently investigating other options for us.

Let not easy managibility be your only guide. It can get you into trouble with
your users! (as we are discovering...)

Andrea Hodgson
Canadian Medical Association

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