[WEB4LIB] Re: NT lockdown

Donna Schumann schumann at timberland.lib.wa.us
Fri Oct 15 16:34:30 EDT 1999

The Pharos System "ReserveIT" does all of this, including interfacing to
the Circulation System via the 3M self-checkout protocol (assuming your
circ system supports this). However, the software is NOT trivial to set up
-- as a matter of fact, it's a real bear. And after we installed it for
a pilot project, we concluded that the current scheduling interface is
unusable. However, Pharos is currently developing a new, and we sincerely
hope an easier to use client for patrons to schedule their time. 

Check out http://www.pharos.com/ for more information. Donna

On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Sue Kamm wrote:
> I have been thinking about how librarians can control workstation use,
> particularly on those machines which permit unfettered access to the 'net.  When
> you go to a self-service gas station, you either give the clerk cash or a credit
> card to activate the pump.  When you've pumped however much gas you're buying,
> the pump shuts off.  There are two elements that we could apply to library
> workstations:  (1) Setting the amount of time permitted, and (2) Logging off the
> 'net when the time is up.  If this system could be tied into a circulation
> system, and a person's use of the computer linked to their library card, so much
> the better.
> An automatic logoff would prevent the problem many libraries have
> mentioned--people leaving sexually explicit sites open for the next person who
> uses the machine to see.  Security measures such as clearing histories could
> also be built into the program.
> Anyone know if this product would be feasible?
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