[WEB4LIB] Forcing active window in Win98?

Dan Lester dan at 84.com
Mon Oct 18 15:33:36 EDT 1999

At 11:12 AM 10/18/99 -0700, Bob Duncan wrote:
>I just got a brand-new PC with Win98SE installed.  All is well but for one
>minor annoyance:  when I double-click a hyperlink in my mail  client
>(Eudora), the page loads in my browser (Netscape4.08), but the browser
>window does not come to the front (as my Win95 PC did).  Instead, the
>browser's button in the taskbar flashes, then eventually turns a different
>color.  Similarly, if I follow a mailto link from Netscape, Eudora (which
>is set to intercept Netscape Netscape mailtos) doesn't come to the front.

Using Win98, IE5.0, and Eudora, I just clicked on the link in your 
sig file and a nice IE5 window opened up on top, showing your library web 
site.  Tried it both with IE5 already open, and with it closed.  Did the 
same either way.

As to why yours behaves differently, I don't know right off, and am out of 
time to look into it.  I tried this only because it differed from my memory 
of what happens to me.

Good luck.


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