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Frank Lin F.Lin at
Thu Jul 23 21:58:14 EDT 1998

Hi Libby,
How the weather in Sunny Queensland? - Just missing the Sun in Sydney....

You can get "Shield" for your monitor.  It is basically a aluminium box.
The monitor sits inside the box.  We have one make by Gleco Enterprises
(02) 9520 7571.  BUT I am sure someone up in Queensland also make similar

We have our PC and monitor sitting about 50cm away from the magnets with
not problems.  We used the "shield" because one of the monitor was
interfering with the gate.

Hope that helps.

At 06:43 PM 23/07/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello List Members
>A distress call from Queensland, Australia.
>We are switching from dumb terminals to PCs at our circ desk and now
>find that the deactivator magnets under the desk (which are part of our
>security system) are going to be too close to checkout stations. This
>looks like being a logistic problem for us and am wondering if anyone
>else has found a workable solution.
>In particular I'd be grateful if someone could tell me:
>1. What is the minimum safe distance between a magnet and the hard
>drive? (I have heard 3 feet.)
>2. What is a safe distance from the monitor?
>3. Have you any advice, answers or experiences?
>The security product in question is a RAECO Alarm 2100. Our circ desk is
>an optimum height for staff so an ergonomic arm is not an appropriate
>Thanks in advance. 
>Libby Fielding
>Cooloola Shire Library Service
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