Redirecting Print Jobs

Michael Tibor tibor at
Thu Jul 23 19:20:24 EDT 1998

I'm resending this message because I haven't seen anyone reply yet
(yes, we're desperate!).

We just got a pair of shiny new HP 8000N laser printers for use by the
public workstations (running WinNT 4.0) on our Netware 4.11 LAN.  I'm
trying to set things up so that when someone prints from Netscape the
job goes to an HP 8000, but for all other apps on the computer the job
would go to the local dot matrix (LPT1).

We've replaced Explorer with Novell Application Launcher (NAL) as the
shell.  Using NAL we can tell the workstations to point LPT1 to the
network lasers right before Netscape runs, but then the workstations
print to the lasers using a dot matrix printer driver, which doesn't
work so hot.

If anyone's set up anything like this, please let me know!

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