Looking for text to HTML Conversion Software

Jennifer Sarber jsarber at statelib.lib.in.us
Fri Sep 12 11:22:01 EDT 1997

Libby Whitcomb wrote:
> Hello
> I am looking for a super  product that
> would be able to take a text document and
> covert it into HTML. We are about to convert
> 7000+ documents from the mainframe to the Web
>  and realize Front Page and Word 97 would be too slow.
> Can anyone recommend a product that would do this efficiently
> and with accuracy? Thanks for any recommendations!
> Libby Whitcomb
> Corporate Services-Information Technology Team
> libby at ti.com
> 972-997-5277

Hello Libby:

I use two different types of converters.  

1. rtf to html - Mac
This converter starts with a word document saved as rich text format
than converts that to html.  So there are several steps to this.  The
size of the document affects the amount of saving and than converting

2. Internet Assistant
This converter attaches itself to Microsoft Word.  It will give you an
option to save a word document straight into html and does the
conversion itself.  This is faster and less steps than the first
converter.  This converter I use more often.

Both of these converters were downloaded from the web.  

I hope this helps.
Jennifer Sarber
Indiana State Library
Management Information Services
jsarber at statelib.lib.in.us

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