Catalogs or subject guides?

Eric Rumsey rumsey at
Fri Nov 21 11:36:55 EST 1997

Erik Jul wrote:
>       ...  I do not think we are in an "either/or" situation,
>that is, either we catalog Internet resources or we develop
>subject-oriented guides or bibliographies.
I agree. A very satisfying aspect of working on the Hardin Meta Directory
is finding that many of the best lists that we include are done by
librarians. I think this is because the importance of list MAINTENANCE just
comes a lot easier for librarians than others.

A distinction we like to make in describing the Hardin MD is this -
-Primary sites - content sites, most links internal
-Secondary sites - List of pointers to primary sites
-Tertiary sites - Meta sites (like the Hardin MD) with pointers to secondary

In terms of this definition, I think librarians will naturally spend time
on both secondary and tertiary development. The two really complement each
other - Tertiary list making can be seen as simply "taking an inventory" of
existing secondary lists. Finding out what areas are lacking in good
secondary lists makes it easier for us to spend our time effeciently in
developing new secondary lists.


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