Browser usage.

Bill Jenkins wcj1 at
Mon Nov 17 16:11:26 EST 1997

>1. If people are using Win95, why not use the latest browser?
>2. Some are still using Netscape 1.0 and 2.0, why?

This is an easy one.

Let's say I call up my Mom. "Mom, what version of Netscape are you using?"
My mom's response, "What are you talking about?"

Most people do not know what version of software are running nor do they
care. If it works they use it. Also, it is kind of a foreign concept. When
was the last time anyone had to upgade their mailbox so their postman could
give them the latest, greatest, biggest catalog.

>3. When do users switch to the latest browser version?

When the old one breaks.


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