JavaScript drag & drop

Timothy E. Thompson tethomps at
Wed Nov 5 05:10:40 EST 1997

Thanks to all the web wizards who made suggestions about my recent frames
question.  But now I'm wondering whether anybody has or knows of a
JavaScript drag & drop script that will let me do this:

Frame A displays a bulleted list of hyperlinks to images.  This list is
generated on the fly by a CGI program (actually a WebSTAR plugin).  Let's
call the links Link1, Link2, etc.  I would like to be able to drag and drop
any link from Frame A to either of two display frames (B and C).  So, for
instance, I might want to compare Link2 with Link5, so I drag Link2 down to
Display B, then drag Link5 to Display C.  Then I might want to compare
Link4 with Link5 so I drag Link4 down to B.

Any suggestions?

Also,  I recently purchased SUN's Jumping JavaScript book but are there any
JavaScript books out there that folks particularly recommend?

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