Progress on Netscape Strange Table Behavior

Bobb Menk bmenk at
Mon May 19 09:09:34 EDT 1997

Thanks to those of you who've been helping me with this one.

Per several suggestions, I've upgraded to Netscape 3.01 which hasn't 
eliminated the problem, but which has led me to a more precise 
description of it.  The original problem was this:

>1) Netscape will sporadically completely refuse to display or 
>noticeably hesitate to display the submit buttons in the table.  By
>this I mean that it will display the background color for each cell,
>but refuse to display the "submit" buttons at all, or it will only
>display the "submit" buttons after a significant delay, say 20-30
>seconds.  Finally, it will sometimes display the buttons, but cease 
>to do so when you scroll through the page, though in this instance 
>it will usually continue to display the buttons in the top row of 
>the table.

This problem now happens only when Netscape is forced to redraw the 
screen - e.g. when re-sizing the window or backing up from a search 
result to the page with the table on it.  The parts of the table that 
are not visible in the window are not problematic when you scroll to 
them.  Only that part of the window which has been re-displayed is 
affected.  I'd be inclined to think it my video adapter, but I can do 
it on more than one machine.

>2)  Netscape will not vertically center the "submit" buttons 
>within the cell.  Even though valign=middle is what the browser is
>supposed to assume in the absence of a specific tag, all my cells 
>are acting as if I had explicitly entered "valign=top".  Using 
>explicit vertical alignments won't alter where the buttons display 

This problem remains even in 3.01.  Thanks to any who can help.

Bobb Menk

The code in question looks like this:


<TR align=center>

 <TD bgcolor="#FF0029"><FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/AT-referencesearch.exe"
 METHOD=POST><INPUT NAME="search" input type="hidden"
 VALUE="almanac"><INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit"

(multiple rows omitted here)


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