On Mean time of Survival of URLs (dynamic html?)

Steve Cramer scramer at davenport.edu
Tue Jul 29 17:12:40 EDT 1997

>>> Terry Kuny <Terry.Kuny at xist.com> July 29, 1997 
12:55 pm >>>
"Brewser Kahle in his article in Scientific American 
(March 1997) uses estimates that put the average 
lifetime for a URL at 44 days."
"It would be interesting to see if anyone has redone this
research and what the results are. It would also be
good to see if the results can be refined somewhat,
i.e. how many URLs remained intact but where the
contents change, where the URLs are broken and cannot
be relocated or where there are no redirect, etc. "

The increased use of web-databases and dynamic html
may further complicate a study like Mr. Kahle's.

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