NS and IBM host on-demand

Ed Cherry cecherry at samford.edu
Tue Jul 22 09:43:26 EDT 1997

The "professional" version of Netscape 4.0 includes a Java 
applet called IBM Host On-Demand.  This allows access to IBM 
mainframes which require a tn3270 terminal emulator.  I have 
been able to establish a connection with an IBM host.  But the 
java code consistently takes longer to load, compile, and 
execute than the standalone freeware winsock 3270 application I 
also use. I have not been able to figure out how to configure 
this applet as a helper for "URL:TN3270 Protocol."  Has anyone 
been able to set up this java app as a viable helper app?  Is 
there any advantage to doing so (esp. given the comparatively 
long load time)?  Or is this just another toy Netscape included 
in the package just to get three big blue striped letters 
attached to their product?

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