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Tue Jul 22 09:20:25 EDT 1997

This is for those of you who've had to make the decision to put up
documents in either HTML or PDF.  Specifically, I'm interested in those
who've decided to go with PDF.  What were the benefits and drawbacks of
putting up your documents in PDF?  How did patrons respond? Were there
complaints from people who had to download the Acrobat reader? Were there
complaints from people who couldn't figure out how to use it? Was it a
non-issue?  Have you had no or few complaints or problems?  How did staff
react to the decision?  Did you have to do a lot of convincing to go with
PDF or were most folks receptive to the idea?

I don't know if anyone else on the list would be interested in this, so
I'll ask that anyone who responds do so privately. If anyone wants a
summary of the responses I receive, I'll be happy to forward them.

Thanks much

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