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Mon Jul 21 09:57:07 EDT 1997

Shaken Angel wrote:
> I'm replying to the list and to you because I have a broader question
> (and, unfortunately, no answer to your particular inquiry)
> I'm planning on (someday) attending library school.  What's the
> *advantage* of having a Non-ALA accredited MLS program?

How about:
1.  you get to throw your money away.
2.  you get to retake all your coiurses ata n ALA accredited school when
you can't get a decent job.  When I was getting my dgree at Drexel about
a third of the students had gotten non ALA MLs at another local college
in the greater Philadelphia area (it was abasket ball power house at the
time).  Most couldn't get jobs without it.  
3.  substandard faculty
4. lack of support for continuing education.
5. etc. etc.

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