NS Communicator Telnet Helper App

Bill Drew drewwe at morrisville.edu
Mon Jul 14 09:34:33 EDT 1997

I found a solution on Netscape's newsgroups.  For Windows machines
create a telnet.bat file such as this text in the file:

c:\"Program Files"\QPC\QVTNET\bin\term.exe %2

SEt the properties for  it s to cloes when finished.

Now in Netscape Communicator, change the telnet in the applications
section to:

C:\Program Files\QPC\QVTNet\bin\telnet.bat %1 %2

What this does is get rid of the first part that is wrongly passed to
the telent program by Netscape Communicator.  The telenet.bat file only
uses the second parameter which is the actual URL.  It works great. 

The above also works for setting up TN3270 programs.  Make sure to put
the bat fiels in the proper locations specific to your system.  It seems
to work with any telent or TN3270 program.  My exampleis specific to
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