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Wed Jul 2 17:52:00 EDT 1997

Dianne L Parham wrote:

>I guess the idea is to ban all sites with the
>word NASA in it because there might be porn.  Well, I looked at the
>"porn" site and saw it was a commercial site for a lot of different
>things and there is no way a kid looking for space travel would bother
>go farther.

When I was a kid, and I caught a peek at something "naughty", (a
neighbor's Playboys, a babysitter's ZAP comics, I remember) I *couldn't
wait* to see more, just because it was something I wasn't supposed to

>The point is that it would be more useful to teach children
>AND ADULTS how to search the Internet

If you extend this reasoning to print, why not buy "Hustler" for the
library, leave it sitting out, and tell children not to look.

>than blindly thrash around yelling
>"porn alert, porn alert" as the person who shall remain nameless seems
>like to do.  Of course he could do us all a great favor by publishing
>bookmarks of favorite X rated sites.  We can then hand them out and
>people by no means should they look at these sites.  Common sense and
>intelligence is the best filter.  and I think it is bizarre that we
>continue to feed the nameless one's ego this way.  Myself included.  I
>going to quit rising to the bait of this absurd conversation and hope
>that this thread returns to something useful.  Dianne Parham, SDPL,
>speaking for myself and myself alone.

Diane, this really seems like you, yourself are the one who is offering
up flamebait.

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