Frames: Explorer v. Netscape

Steve Harding harding at
Wed Jul 2 17:12:31 EDT 1997

> Folks,
> We are considering updating our intranet site using Frames.
> Our users will all have MS IExplorer 3.0.  I've heard concerns that IE
> doesn't handle Frames as well as Netscape--can anyone elaborate?  
> Specifically, I've heard that the user's "Back" button doesn't work the
> same way--that you have to use your right mouse button to go back.  Here
> in the library we've noticed that in order to print something we must
> click first within the frame of the material we wish to print.

There are other problems with frames:


Or...if you really, really, really want to:

Personally, I'd rather use tables.

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