New Internet Tool for Windows 95/NT

Bill Drew drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU
Wed Jul 2 15:54:07 EDT 1997

I  stumbled across this new  and "way cool" tool for keepng up with
national and world news.  It is called
MSNBC News Alert.  It is available at:

It alerts you to fast-breaking news and is completely configurable so
you get to pick what you want to read.  It does a much better job than
Point.Com or NetCaster in that it doesn't use a banner or a screen saver
to display news headlines.  It puts an icon on the Windows 95 toolbar
that turns red and blinks at you when a news story comes in.  It takes
up hardly any memory and virtually no disk space.  I have mine set to
check for news every 20 minutes.  I tried all of the other news agents
and I like this the best.

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