Netscape not using netscape.ini

TMGB bennettt at
Wed Dec 17 09:17:24 EST 1997

We are now upgrading all of our public PCs from dos&win3.11 to the win95
by deleting all programs off the hard drive.  We are then installing
Communicator 4.x on some and Nvigator 4.x on others and a search of
N*.ini on the hard drives show that there is no netscape.ini file.  My
conclusion is that they may have a hidden file or using the pref file.
It is also possible that they are using the registry because now when
you add helper apps it automatically adds it to the windwos associations
and the current associations are already in the helper apps.

As far as Win 3.11,  Windows looks for ini files in this order, first
the local directory of the app, next in the windows directory, and last
in the Windows\system directory.  It must be defined in the netscape
executable to look elswhere.



> We are upgrading all our library lab PCs (Win 3.11) from Navigator
> Gold 3
> to Navigator (standalone) 4.04.  The first machine went fine, and we
> changed all the settings (homepage, days for links to expire, etc.)
> the way we wanted.  Then we made a backup, using msbackup.  Copied the
> backup to another machine (we've been using this method for 2 years)
> and everything looks fine except Netscape goes to its default home
> page and our other ini settings aren't present.
> I'm at the end of my rope because c:\netscape\netscape.ini is the
> same as the file on the first PC, and reflects our homepage, etc.
> That is the only netscape.ini on the machine, and the [netscape]
> section
> in win.ini points to it.  Where is Netscape getting those other ini
> settings, and why won't it use the correct ones?
> Any help from the very knowledgeable people on the list will be
> greatly
> appreciated!
> DeAnne Luck
> Electronic Resources Librarian
> Austin Peay State University
> LuckDL at

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