IE 4.0 HELP!!!!

Jim Richards jrichards at
Sat Dec 13 11:44:44 EST 1997

I'm about to deploy IE 4.0 on our staff machines using IEAK (Admin.
Kit).  The delima that I'm having is with mail.  I would like to use
Outlook Express but, according to Microsoft's FAQ, the only way to have
multiple users one machine is to make multiple Windows profiles.  That
isn't such a bad thing if you have 1 or 2 users on each machine but in
our case, we will probably have as many as 30 different users on one
machine.  Each NEW profile takes about 6.5MB of HD space!  I'd even be
happy using MS Mail (We're using this for our LAN e-mail) if someone has
made it work with IE 4.0.  Any suggestions?  If anyone is using IE 4.0,
what are using for e-mail?  Any and all info is much appreciated.

Jim Richards    Network Administrator
Naperville Public Libraries

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