Problem with previewing HTML documents

Carol Brown carol.brown at
Sat Dec 13 13:51:21 EST 1997

I need some help! Just recently, as I am trying to preview my HTML
documents created in HotDog or Arachnophilia, a Save As screen pops up
when I tell the editors to preview in my selected browser. I am
currently using Netscape Communicator 4, but it also does it in IE.
This never happened before this week and I am at a loss at to what
possible could have changed. If I tell it to cancel from the Save As
window, it takes me back to the editor, but either way, it won't preview
my document.

I have also tried directly opening the files in the browsers and opening
them from a disk...all attempts end in the mystical Save As window.

Anybody have any ideas as to what has happened, or more likely, what I
possible did to mess something up?

Carol Brown
Assistant Library Director
Southwest Texas Junior College
Uvalde, Texas

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