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Dave Thornton wrote:


> I have not seen any responses to Peters' message on this. We are trying to set a

> system up here and would love to talk to someone who has done it to see what we

> are doing wrong. We continually seem to be globally mounting cds which I believe

> is what CD Central helps you get over by the mysterious LOGON.EXE program - but

> something is not working in our set up.

> > pd at wrote:

> >         I am currently testing a PC running Ntrigue and CDCentral. Is anyone

> > else out there running this combination ? And is it an approved combination ?

> > I note the CDCentral writingd say that it is compatible with Citrix winframe

> > but makes no mention of Ntrigue.

> >

> >         Are there any advantages of running Ntrigue rather than Citrix

> > Winframe, if so what are they ? As I believe several of you are running the

> > Citrix Winframe/CDCentral combination .

> >

Dynamic Disc Mounting - When using multi-user NT products to access CD
applications, these products out of the box will be limited to 23 drive
letters for CDs if the drives are mounted at the server through File
Manager, or locally attached.  Additionally, changing a mapping on the
server for one user affects all users (global mounting).  Using an
independent CD server that supports drive letter aggregation can help,
but may not support applications that need to be root-mounted.  A better
way to do this is to mount the volumes required within the individual
user sessions.  This is done so that one user's session does not affect
another's, and anonymous users launching applications from a web server
can be supported.  It has the added advantages of supporting those
applications that must be root-mounted, and supporting drives physically
attached to the WinFrame-type server.

To accomplish this, we've written a program called EZMount that
dynamically maps network resources, including CDs, at the time a
WinFrame session is started, and then launches the desired application.
EZMount runs entirely in the user session, and does not require any
client installation.  It can be used with ICA files and weblinks to
provide a simple method of using CD applications across all sessions

EZMount can also be used on standard networks for mapping resources and
launching applications.  If you would like more information, please call
or e-mail, or see


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