Hiding email addresses on the web & Spam

Nancy Burford Nburford at medlib.tamu.edu
Thu Dec 11 15:39:15 EST 1997

Yes, it is highly likely  that people are harvesting e-mail addresses
off of lists such as this one. 
 I am on a list out of the library school at University of North Texas.  This
week that list was inundated with ads from a company marketing a tool,
Bull's Eye Gold, they touted as " the PREMIER email address collection
tool."  I got about 6 duplicates, each with a different email address, but
only two domain names.  I got irked and contacted the domain providers
(AT&T and Netcom) & both promised to investigate since their regulations
prohibit spamming.  In the meantime, the listserv administrator at UNT has
limited access to only those people who are subscribers.
I don't really mind the occasional email ad that I get as a consequence of
being the webmaster, I figure it goes with the job.  Mostly they are easily
identifiable, and until this week they have been short and one-time only
notifications of new websites or webservices in the medical field.

As to the other subject on HTML editors - I use FrontPage 97 & have
asked for 98.  I didn't have any changes made to existing pages,
even though it did insert additional tags to close the <p> (sloppy me). 
Making tables is a lot  less tedious.  I do go into the editor to tweak the
code still and sometimes still use wordpad to strip out WordPerfect
coding on documents I have to post before opening in FP 97.  Also the
bonus pack included imaging software that I found easier to use than
CorelDraw.  I still haven't used FP for forms yet although I heard it's really
easy - that from a woman using FP on a Mac.

Nancy Burford
Medical Sciences Library
Texas A&M University
Email: nburford at medlib.tamu.edu

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