Hiding email addresses on the web

Wilfred Drew drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU
Thu Dec 11 12:15:33 EST 1997

It is also much more likely that people are harvesting e-mail addresses
off of lists such as this one.  Many universities and colleges also have
campus directories available.  I also believe that many professional
societies also sell their lists.

Tim Kambitsch wrote:
> Stacy,
> Did  you know that you have a fingerd running? That is an easy way
> to get email  addresses of people who don't even publish web pages.
> I just fingered your machine and got the username for some other
> people who were logged on your system.
> If you really want to protect email addresses, turn fingerd off.
> spober at manvax.cc.manhattan.edu wrote:
> > I know that some mass email companies (spammers) are using webcrawlers
> > to find their victims' - er, I mean recipients' -  addresses on web
> > pages.  In fact, I think I'm getting more spam from having my  address
> > on a web page than I am getting legitimate inquiries from the library
> > web pages.  And that is very annoying.

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