Hiding email addresses on the web

Tim Kambitsch kambitsch at DAYTON.LIB.OH.US
Thu Dec 11 11:48:39 EST 1997


Did  you know that you have a fingerd running? That is an easy way
to get email  addresses of people who don't even publish web pages.
I just fingered your machine and got the username for some other
people who were logged on your system.

If you really want to protect email addresses, turn fingerd off.

spober at manvax.cc.manhattan.edu wrote:

> I know that some mass email companies (spammers) are using webcrawlers
> to find their victims' - er, I mean recipients' -  addresses on web
> pages.  In fact, I think I'm getting more spam from having my  address
> on a web page than I am getting legitimate inquiries from the library
> web pages.  And that is very annoying.

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