GW2K or Dell?

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There is a problem: it's still a craps shoot, only the nameless clones can be 
even worse.  We bought 5 PCs in 1996 from a small startup vendor.  The machines
were shoddy, components not fitting tightly, and we've had umpteen 
hardware/software problems ever since.  On the other hand, a clone-built server
we bought from someone else is working beautifully.  

We've had problems with vendors who want to give us the low quote but are
offering very questionable clones, and we've never found a good way to write
specs so things we buy work the first time, as opposed to having to be fixed
over and over.  This is one of the reasons we decided to exclusively buy 
Gateways under the New Jersey state contract, so we don't have to get 
competing quotes and buy from the lowest bidder.  We've been happy with our 
Gateways and NOT always happy with the Compaqs we bought last year, especially 
their dreadful blurry monitors.  

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>Vladislav S. Davidzon wrote:
>> The point that Ms. Lindh makes is a very important one.  It is VERY
>> important what brand parts you have in your machine.  What type of RAM,
>This being the case why buy named clones, where you may well pay for the
>name,  have no control over the parts used, and which often cause
>problems with their proprietary solutions. I'm sure a local dealer would
>be glad to make your machines, and you can meet the people who assemble
>the computers and make sure you're getting the best components. They are
>also just around the corner when it comes to servicing.
>Is there a problem with this, apart from the difficulty a small shop may
>have in quickly meeting very large orders?
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