Looking for Web sites harvesting tool

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     I have a suggestion... The new version of ProCite (a bibliographic 
     management software package) for Windows does include a new feature 
     that may do what you want it to.  You can automatically capture a URL 
     and title information from a web page and store the "reference" in a 
     ProCite record.  You can also launch Netscape from within ProCite to 
     open the URL and...maybe most importantly, you can output ProCite 
     database records in HTML to publish bibliographies of Web pages on the 
     For more information, go to: http://www.risinc.com/pc/pcprod.html
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Subject: Looking for Web sites harvesting tool
Author:  Shu.Chen at rrcc.cccoes.edu at INTERNET
Date:    12/5/97 5:23 PM

I am on a mission to collect Web sites for different topics, and I am 
looking for a tool that allows me to collect Web sites into my own html 
files with some ease.  Ideally the tool would take down the url from the 
current active Web browser and gives me a window to put in clickable 
text and description/abstract type of information, and also allows me to 
save the collection in an html file.  
I have spent two days searching for such a thing on the Web, but have 
not found one yet.  Does anyone know if there is such a tool out there? 
Or do I have to do an awful lot of copy and paste to get the job done? 
Thanks in advance for any hints and directions!
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