GW2K or Dell?

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>  This being the case why buy named clones, where you may well pay for the
>  name,  have no control over the parts used, and which often cause
>  problems with their proprietary solutions. I'm sure a local dealer would
>  be glad to make your machines, and you can meet the people who assemble
>  the computers and make sure you're getting the best components. They are
>  also just around the corner when it comes to servicing.
>  Is there a problem with this, apart from the difficulty a small shop may
>  have in quickly meeting very large orders?

Our public library has been doing this for some time with considerable
success. The key to making this stragety work well is finding the right system
builder. You should definitely do some detective work before making a

It isn't necessarily cheaper to buy workstations this way but you do have much
more control of the product you get.

Having been involved with desktop machines for almost 20 years, I have come to
the conclusion that brand names don't mean very much any more. You are best
served now to buy just a bit behind the bleeding edge of technology and buy
generic machines.

I do not share this view re network servers. I think you are likely to get a
better product buy going with a brand name.

Regards .. Dave Bailey
Trustee .. Hubbard Public Library, Hubbard, OH

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