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Below you'll find the first paragraph of a press release announcing our
publication of a new 'book' on the web. We hope that this appeals to a
wider audience than those specifically interested in Icelandic literature;
Professor Ringler's aim is to make this writer's work known to
non-Icelanders for the first time. This is available free of charge (but
please read the copyright statement). For anyone still interested in the
Yahoo thread, they picked up this site in less than two weeks, but that was
*after* all the uproar on this list, so maybe they were trying to be nice
;-) The Scout Report also gave us a nice mention in the November 11 issue.

This was a great project to work on over the past year. Although most of us
probably have faculty project horror stories to tell (now *that* would be
an interesting thread), this was exactly the opposite - a project from
heaven. Dick Ringler is one of the most popular teachers on this campus,
and it was truly an honor to be able to work with him to bring his work to
the web.

Anyway, I hope you find this interesting to read (900+ print pages!) or
listen to. If you maintain lists or catalogs of full-text electronic works,
please feel free to include a link to this work. You'll find a full Dublin
Core record in the <head> of the home page, and you can also find full
cataloging records for it in FirstSearch or in our catalog, MadCat.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System is pleased to
announce their publication of a new resource available through the World
Wide Web: Jonas Hallgrimsson, Selected Poetry and Prose
<>, translated and edited by
Professor Dick Ringler of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Departments
of English and Scandinavian Studies. The technical design and
implementation were performed by Peter C. Gorman of the General Library
System's Automation Services Division. This Web site is intended to make
available, through interactive technology, a wide range of materials that
will enable interested persons to familiarize themselves with the work of
the Icelandic poet and natural scientist Jonas Hallgrimsson (1807­1845) and
to have at their fingertips resources contributing to an understanding and
appreciation of that work. Jonas is generally acknowledged to be the most
important and influential Icelandic poet of modern times. In addition he
has a secure place in the annals of Icelandic science and of his country's
cultural and political history. This publication marks the first time a
significant portion of Jonas's work has  been available to an
English-speaking audience.

Peter C. Gorman
University of Wisconsin
General Library System
Automation Services
pcgorman at
(608) 265-5291

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