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Eddie Rozier eddie at leo.scsl.state.sc.us
Fri Dec 5 10:29:04 EST 1997

Colleen R. Verge wrote:
> Currently I work 1/2 time as coordinator for training at a public
> library, 1/4 of my time is spent working as a librarian on the reference
> desk, the other 1/4 of my time I spend coordinating electronic resources
> and acting as a liaison between public services and the tech department.
> Our library has a main library and 3 branch libraries. My job
> responsibilities impact the whole system while my reference work is just
> for the reference department. My question is does any one else hold a
> similar position and if so who do they report to, the head of public
> services, the head of the tech department, the library director or the
> head of reference? Also if you have such a position what is your title?
> Thanks

My position is new and my responsibilities are for the new cd-rom
network(35%-40%), web administrator(35%-40%), and reference desk duties
(15%). My supervisor is the director of reference and my title is
"information technology librarian". One of my duties is to act as a
liason between the network services dept and reference.  I don't know
how similiar that is to your situation but I can definately understand
the confusion. 

Eddie Rozier
South Carolina State Library
eddie at leo.scsl.state.sc.us

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