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Walt Howe walthowe at
Thu Dec 4 13:37:16 EST 1997

At 09:29 AM 12/4/1997 -0800, Sheryl Dwinell wrote:
>  Wired has decided that the
>>HotBot team would not further benefit from having a librarian on staff and
>>that the outreach program to librarians has reached a saturation point.
>>thanks to everyone who participated in the program; it was certainly a
>>unique experience!
>Yeah, I mean what the heck do librarians know about information retrieval
>and search behavior anyway!?? :)
>Thanks for your contributions to the list Judy, I've appreciated them.

At the Internet Librarian conference, we had speakers from HotBot,
AltaVista, Infoseek, Yahoo, and Northern Light. The "substitute" speaker
from HotBot/Wired was the poorest speaker, and didn't really seem
interested in being there, although there was a good lively interchange
with all the others. 

Draw your own conclusions!

    Walt  <>

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