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rhterry at RBSE.Mountain.Net rhterry at RBSE.Mountain.Net
Thu Dec 4 11:22:36 EST 1997

Hi and have a good one,

If my site is right you should not be unemployed for too long.  The WWW 
is the most chaotic and adhoc organization of data ever created by well 
meaning resources.  One in your capacity will definitively be needed to 
create roadmaps for users.  If you would like, as well as others on list,
I will forward you/them opportunities which cross my desk in WV, which 
are many, at times.  Let me know, and good luck in coming back to us,

yours truly,

Bob Terry

BTW - send messages to my address, I only posted this to the group for 
possible needs of others lurking within us. Also, we have strong ties 
with other major customers of the MOREplus product, so if WV is out of 
the picture, let me know where you would like to hear from.

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, j. y. c h 
e n wrote:

> hallo everyone,
> I just wanted to let y'all know that I've been laid off at Wired and will
> no longer represent HotBot.  the tutorial program to teach librarians the
> search engine has been laid to rest as well.  Wired has decided that the
> HotBot team would not further benefit from having a librarian on staff and
> that the outreach program to librarians has reached a saturation point.
> thanks to everyone who participated in the program; it was certainly a
> unique experience!
> I've enjoyed and learned from everyone's comments here on this list (it has
> probably contributed more to my professional development than anything else
> this past year!).  I hope to participate again in the discussion in another
> capacity.
> thanks again,
> - judy

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