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At 11:19 AM 97/12/04 -0800, Robert W. Pasicznyuk wrote:
>I'm just now learning Javascript.  Does anyone know of a method to timeout
>either Netscape or Internet Explorer using a javascript?

Depends what it is that you want to time-out. (Whatever it is, I don't
think it can be done with JavaScript -- although I'm no expert there.)

If you simply want the current page to be replced with some other page
after a set time, you can do tha easily with HTML. We have our Library Home
page 'time-out' to our News page after a few minutes. All you do is put
this code into the HEAD part of the page:

	<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh"

This tells your browser to replace the current page
<> after 120 seconds (2 minutes) with the
News page at <>.

The news page has a similar code which returns to the home page.

We also use this idea for pages which have moved -- the original location
has a page which redirects the user to the new location, with the timeout
value set at 5 seconds.

Probably not what you wanted, but may help somebody!

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